The 5-Spin Method to Take Advantage of Your Casino

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Let’s talk about my 5-spin method and how to use it to turn the tables on a casino’s attempt to manipulate you. After over a dozen visits within three months at a pari-mutual racetrack with slot machines outside of Cincinnati Ohio, I found a clear pattern to winning I’d, not seen before.

I first watched someone else use it then used it myself. Did I make a profit? Yes, I did. The true power of this strategy is that nearly all its winnings are profit. I had help discovering this strategy like 메이저사이트 정리.

Yes, a casino employee, TOLD ME they’d see someone win. Multiple hands pay using it. All I had to do was listen to what they were. Saying., I realized it wasn’t luck. The casino set up its slot machines to perform this way for good business, reasons.

But it’s, easily leveraged by you, because it’s, an easy-to-see winning pattern. Here’s. What I saw. After the first win on a slot machine called a Taste. I wouldn’t win again.. I saw this behavior again and again on every slot machine I played at that casino.

.I decided to play each slot machine for up to five spins. If I got any non-zero win, I’d stop playing and move to the next slot machine. This strategy is essentially about collecting those tastes from machine after machine.

It’s first advantage is that it’s, inexpensive and doesn’t require much bankroll to be successful. If you play high-limit slots, you’ll find you need a much smaller bankroll say, maybe only $ 500 instead of $ 2,500.

That’s what I did. When I first tried this strategy. I sat at a $ 5 or $ 10 denomination slot. The machine put my whole $ 500 bankroll into it and played until I’d made up to five bets or won. I did this on machine after machine right down one row and up another.

I won three hand pays on three different high-limit machines within 25 minutes each hand pay occurring mere minutes apart, as 25 minutes was taken up with slot attendants servicing each hand pay. Over months.

The casino slowly turned down wins from my 5-spin method. After 18 months. Those wins reduced from a low 5-figure hand, pay to a 4-figure hand, paying to make a profit of $ 500. I remember being disappointed, but then remembered it was still a profit.

, But why do operators set up their casinos to offer tastes Because casinos want us to stay, spend that initial win and proceed to empty our pockets into the machine.? Yet lots of slot enthusiasts can see that’s what the casino wants.

My 5-spin method says: do the opposite of what the casino is hoping for. Instead of staying and spending the taste and more move on immediately to another machine and collect its taste. On machine after Machine collect those tastes.

Eventually, the casino can’t afford to give out big tastes, because everyone figures it out. That’s one of its disadvantages. Being too obvious makes it a losing business plan. So casinos turn down the wins over time.

Another disadvantage is the 5-spin method. Is it only work at about 1-in-4 casinos? Before spending your hard-won bankroll first check if your casino has set itself up to have those tastes you want to collect.

I know we’re all gamblers, but I care nobody loses their bankroll. There’s an easy and inexpensive test. You can use it first to check your casino’s setup. by heading out to the main casino floor.

Find 20 slot machines. With the smallest minimum bets, you can find. Slot machines can be expensive to play even at minimum bet. Here’s. The test. Procedure. Put your chosen bankroll into a machine., Make five minimum bets, but stop if you win anything at all.

If you won anything on the first, ten machines continue until you’ve tested twenty machines. And keep track of how many machines gave you a taste before you moved on.? How many gave you a taste? Was it more than half of them Good, as the casino has passed its first test Now consider your remaining bankroll?

How much is left over With 50 % or more machines giving out tastes? What was your return If you broke even or make a great profit, But if you didn’t break even that means your casino gives out tastes but failed to give out a positive return.

That’s bad. Or not good rather. It might be possible to adjust your test procedure. More on that in a moment. Our first evaluation was to see how many machines gave out a taste. Our second evaluation was profitability to determine if the 5-spin method is worth doing at your casino.

But first,a consider this. You might initially think an 84 % return is terrible, but that’s not necessarily true. An 84 % return might be wonderful at super-tight casinos, where everyone else is losing far more.

Is that what happens at your casino And what about breaking? Even That’s exactly what you want if your gambling goal is earning players’ club points or playing longer by endlessly cycling your bankroll.

But what if your return is too small? Can anything be done? Yes, What do you do if your return isn’t as great as you’d like? Is it ever Combine the 5-spin method with my Location, Location, and Location strategy to have a combined plan to win?

Here’s, what you do. Repeat, strategy 1. But this time only play slot machines viewable from a distance. You know on end-of-row machines or the specific machine in a carousel which can be easily seen from a place where people gather like a casino entrance or cafe.

At Soaring Eagle in Michigan. My first test on 20 random machines gave me an 84 % return., But a second test of twenty end-of-row. Only machines resulted in a 161 % return. Bonus. With my $ 100 bankroll.

I went from a $ 14 loss to a $ 61 profit. Now maybe you want to know my other winning strategies for slot enthusiasts In this playlist right here I explain each. So if it is important to you to win or win more at slots, click the playlist – you see on your screen right now to get details on how to take advantage of your casino instead of the other way around.

So click that playlist and I’ll see you in the next one.


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