The Law of Attraction Explained

Hello there and welcome. I’m Bob Proctor. and I’m going to take you back a little in time. There’s no PowerPoints, there’s no great technology. I’m going to use a flip chart because I want this to be in real-time, and I want to explain something to you that not many 인계동 풀싸롱 people understand. […]

Rainbow Boom/Rainbow Bust

You are looking at a pattern of rectangles sitting in front of a multicolored background. For most people, the pattern appears to expand or, if you press the “click to reverse direction” button, to contract. The perception of expansion or contraction (of “rainbow boom” or “rainbow bust”–an economic metaphor) occurs even though the image is completely still. […]

The FedEx Arrow

This post concerns what is probably the most frequently encountered visual illusion in the United States–and possibly the world–yet most people don’t know that it is there. If you have not yet seen this illusion, then be prepared, because once it is pointed out to you, you will see it all the time and, perhaps, […]