Saturday, February 23, 2008

Why a blog about illusions?

Welcome to the illusionsciences blog. I decided to start this blog after seeing the response to Dave Munger's Cognitive Daily story about a recent article of mine in the Journal of Vision. Dave's post generated a remarkable amount of interest (well, at least it was remarkable to me) because he included the following "visual illusion" from my article:

The popularity of his story made me think that the time might be right for blog in which I discuss some of my own illusions and some of the illusions that others have developed in the vision sciences community. I hope that the blog will serve as a forum where people both inside and outside the field of visual science can discuss visual phenomena.

Stay tuned. I will start posting regularly in May--once the semester at Bucknell comes to a close. I hope to post an illusion and commentary once a week.

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